Hunter offers comprehensive online training that includes regularly updated training, nutrition, and supplement plans, as well as weekly check-ins via Skype or phone call. Clients also have the ability to ask Hunter questions via email, and can expect a prompt and thorough response. Whether you’re looking to build muscle, lose fat, or perform at a higher level at your sport or hobby, Hunter can take you to the next level.

Because of his philosophy regarding achieving your goals, which centers around doing things in a healthy and sustainable way, there is a minimum commitment of three months required (payable at one time at a discount, or month to month) as seeing changes in a clients physique and performance take time, as does Hunter learning how the clients body responds to training, nutrition, and supplement protocols.

Clients who are looking for contest prep services should inquire via email, as contest preparation services are much more in depth and require much more work and communication on both the client and Hunter’s behalf. Contest preparation services are quoted on a case-by-case basis after an initial consult. Please inquire here for more information.



If you are interested in personal training services, please inquire here to set up a free in-person or over-the-phone consultation.

Hunter offers in-person personal training services at Legacy Barbell in Spring, Texas. In-person personal training clients will benefit from refinement of exercise technique, increased intensity during your gym sessions, and workouts designed to work for you and your goals. Personal Training clients are also offered significant discounts on training, nutrition, and supplementation programs, making it easy and affordable to maximize your efforts and results outside of your training sessions.

All personal training sessions are 1 hour long, and first-time clients sessions will be and hour and 30 minutes, as you will begin with a 30 minute consult to get to know one another, discuss the goals of the training sessions, and go over any injuries or medical issues that may need to be worked around.

Please be aware that all in-person training clients will be required to purchase a membership at Legacy Barbell. Please mention you will be signing up to train with Hunter. There are no contracts for membership, so you will not be locked into a lengthy membership, or have to pay any kind of cancellation fee should you choose to not continue training. 


1083 Pruitt Rd.
Spring, TX 77380