Hunter Labrada was born in Houston, Texas on May 17th 1992 to his parents Robin and IFBB Pro Hall of Famer Lee Labrada. Growing up, Hunter was very athletic playing very competitive hockey from the time he was 5 until 13 when he discovered his first love: football. Hunter was an extremely small 7th grader who managed to start on the 8th grade A team due to his scrappiness and work ethic. Knowing that would only get him so far, and that his small stature was a distinct disadvantage, he delved head first into growing his body in the weight room and in the kitchen. Starting at 4’11” and 85lbs, Hunter consistently put on 15-20 pounds a year until his senior year of high school, where he played his senior season at 5’8” and 205lbs. He earned All-district honors his sophomore through senior seasons, as well as All state distinctions his junior and senior year, and earned a scholarship to Bentley University in Waltham, MA. Before making it through camp his freshman  season, Hunter ultimately decided that his passions laid in the weight room and not on the football field. It was at this point that Hunter made up his mind he wanted to become a pro bodybuilder. 

For the first time in his life, he was no longer focused on being the best athlete he could be, but instead the best bodybuilder he could be, and the training and nutrition changed accordingly. Calories were pushed high, cardio was all but eliminated, and at the end of this freshman year of college he was a doughy 235lbs, but had built a solid base. At the end of his freshman year, Hunter decided that Texas was a better fit for him than Massachusetts, and transferred to Texas A&M University. During this time, Hunter balanced school and his passion for bodybuilding, and excelled at both. He graduated with a degree in Economics, and had managed to crack 250lbs at 5’9” with very good body composition.



Upon completing his degree, Hunter went to work full time at Labrada Nutrition, where he worked as a social media marketing executive, as well as participating extensively in the R&D of new products and the traditional marketing of the company’s product line. In May of 2016, Hunter stepped away from working full-time at Labrada, moving to a part time role within the company, and pursued a career in personal training and online coaching. It was also this year that would mark the start of Hunter’s amateur bodybuilding career, where he prepped for and won both the open heavyweight men’s bodybuilding class as well as the overall men’s bodybuilding title at the 2016 Branch Warren Classic. 

Fast forward 5 shows in which Hunter won his class at every one, and the overall at 4 of them, the most recent being the 2018 NPC Nationals where he won both the superheavyweight men’s bodybuilding class and the overall men’s bodybuilding title, earning him the title of 2018 National Champion as well as his IFBB professional status. His competitive history is as follows:

2016 Branch Warren Classic:
1st place Heavyweight, Overall Champion 
2016 San Antonio Extravaganza Pro/Am:
1st place Superheavyweight
•2017 Europa Games Dallas
1st place Superheavyweight, Overall Champion
•2018 Jr. USA Championships:
1st place Superheavyweight, Overall Champion
•2018 NPC Nationals:
1st place Superheavyweight, Overall Champion.
Earned IFBB professional status



Hunter now has his sights set on making his pro debut in 2020, and is working tirelessly to make the improvements necessary to be a successful pro in the IFBB Professional League. Hunter still provides online coaching services, as well as in-person personal training in Northwest Houston. Regardless if you are out of shape and/or new to the gym and wanting to make a lifestyle change, or a serious athlete looking to take things to the next level, Hunter has experience and can help! Hunter has a passion for helping committed, driven individuals reach their physique goals, and specializes in the following areas: muscle building, fat loss, offseason bodybuilding programs, and contest preparation for bodybuilding and physique athletes.

Hunter believes in a healthy approach to achieving your goals, so anyone choosing to work with him can be assured there will be no crash dieting or severe caloric restrictions, hours of cardio, or use of an exorbitant amount of supplements. Hunter has written 20+ articles published on Bodybuilding.com, and has appeared in several large fitness and bodybuilding publications including Flex, Ironman, and Muscular Development.